Best Rated Road Bikes Under 1500 Dollars:Top 3 Of 2017

At present, riding road bikes becomes a new fashion. I guess most of you are willing to get one to have a try. But I believe you do not plan to spend large sum of money for certain reasons. After reading this passage, I believe you will have a clear mind.

In the road bike market, there exist a large number of various road bikes. However, to find a best ratedroad bike under 1500 Dollars does cost you a lot time and energy.

For the purpose of offering you much convenient, I did a market research and finally summarized three best Kestrel Talon Road Bicycles under 1500 for you.

Pick Best Rated Road Bikes under 1500 Dollars-Compare one by one

In-depth Reviews-Top 3 Road Bikes for Under $1500 Reviewed

Kestrel Talon 2015 Shimano 105 Road Bike under $1500

best road bikes under 1500 dollars

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Product Description

2015 Kestrel Talon...Kestrel Talon 2015 Shimano 105 Road Bike extremely suits those road cyclists who are eager to get an aerobike which is built around performance. So if you are a pure road cyclist, come and get it which can provide you with an aggressive position. And if you are a triathlons competitor, it can help you seat in a good tuck position so as to stay aerodynamic.

Main features

Both road and triathlon configuration

Stunning speed guaranteed by aerodynamic tubing

A stable ride offered by dual-platform geometry

Perfect combination of 800K high-modulus carbon fiber and 700K intermediate-modulus carbon fiber ensures lightweight and stiffness.

A wide range of saddle positions provided by Kestrel EMS Pro seat

Custom Reviews

I got this Kestrel Talon 2015 Shimano 105 Road Bike from my mom and have already ridden over 100 miles with it. I should say that this bike really worth it price considering its awesome performance. For cycling enthusiasts, this bike is really a pretty good choice if you are planing to buy a road bike under 1500 dollars. 

2015 Kestrel Talon Tri-Shimano 105 Carbon Fiber Bike

Kestrel Talon Road Bicycle

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Product Description

Serving as one of the first aero bikes, the Kestrel Talon is designed for both road use together with triathlon use. It is definitely a perfect transition from a road bike to triathlon one; therefore, the Talon series suits all levels of athlete.

Main features


With its black and white color, Kestrel Talon Road Bicycle certainly catches you attention.  The tubes are special which have a purposeful angular look. Mounted on an aerodynamic stem, its saddle looks like it can cut through the air easily. What’s more, the Carbon Fiber ensures the weight of the bike no more than 20lbs, which is extremely light.

 Custom Reviews

I ride it at least four times a week. It is really one of my best buy, which is light and fast! Plus, its price is quite reasonable. I’m going to buy another one for my younger brother.

Kestrel Legend Shimano 105 Bicycle

Product Description

best cheap road bikes under 1500 dollars

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Kestrel Legend Shimano 105...With industry-leading technology, the new Kestrel Legend–Shimano 105 Bicycle undoubtedly will offer you stunning performance. A fire-new carbon design and lay-up together with Kestrel EMS fork and frame shape ensure you a perfect riding quality and flawless instant acceleration. Another special feature of Kestrel Legend Shimano 105 Bicycle is that exceptional power is provided to the pedals, so it can glide over whatever bumps in the road.

Main features

Unbelievable lightness

Can you believe that? The brand-new Kestrel Legend is only a mere 780 grams which is the lightest frame in Carbon Fiber ever produced. Thanks to the extremely high-modulus carbon fiber plus a brilliant weight-to-stiffness ratio, the Kestrel EMS fork and H-stays give customers compliance and comfort together with improved lateral stiffness.

Custom Reviews

A long time ago, I’m dreaming about buying a lightweight and aerodynamic bicycle.  Kestrel Legend Shimano 105 helps me realize my dream. Its color really makes it stand out among a large variety of road bikes.

Comparison and Analysis

Key Features

All the three bikes–Kestrel Talon Road Bicycle、Kestrel Talon 2015 Shimano 105 Road Bike and Kestrel Legend Shimano 105 Bicycle have the same frame materials that is blend of 700K & 800K High Modulus Carbon Fiber together with the same wheelset that is Oval Concepts 327 Alloy Clincher, 27mm rim, 20H Front, 24H Rear. However, differences lie in bottom bracket、Cassette、Chain、Saddle、Levers and many other specs. For instance, the second and third bicycles have the same shifters that is Shimano 105 STI while the first one’s shifter is MicroShift Bar End

Build & Design

If a bicycle has a shining color, there is no doubt that it will catch people’s eyes. Here we are going have a look at their color. The color of Kestrel Talon Road Bicycle is matte black while Kestrel Talon 2015 Shimano 105 Road Bike’s color is Grey/Red and Kestrel Legend Shimano 105 Bicycle’s is Matte Carbon/Red.


As for price, Kestrel Talon Road Bicycle and Kestrel Talon 2015 Shimano 105 Road Bike have the same price that is 1399 dollars. Kestrel Legend Shimano 105 Bicycle is a little bit more expansive than them and its price is $1799.


Those are the top three best cheap road bikes for under 1500 I recommend to you which suit both road and triathlon use. Come and pick one you like most.

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