It’s a small probability event to purchase a best affordable road bike under 600 without professional knowledge about bikes and the latest information about discounts because there are so many illusory goods not worthy of its value. And it would cost much time for newbie to learn from the start if they seriously want to get one best road bike under 600. I, who have ridden a road bike for nearly 6 years, would be glad to recommend top 3 road bikes under 600 for people who are unfamiliar in selecting road bikes with my riding friends’ experience and mine. As you spend a few minutes to finish reading this report, you would find your best road bikes under 600 dollars.

Top 10 Road Bikes Under 600 Dollars In 2017, Compare Now

Best Affordable Road Bikes Under 600 Dollars

Vilano FORZA 3.0 Aluminum Carbon Road Bike

Best Road Bike Under 600 Dollars

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Vilano FORZA 3.0 Aluminum...To provide an excellent road bike for club rides, fitness and training, the Vilano company designed the Vilano FORZA 3.0 Aluminum Carbon Road Bike. It armed with a 12K Carbon racing fork, shimano sora derailleur, integrated brake lever shifters and  Kenda 700c x 23c tires, which ensure its users get 24 Speeds to handle any Situation in a comfortable situation. Its biggest feature is that it can stand quite high strength with the stable lightweight frame. If you like light and comfortable road bike, it’s the best i know.

Customers purchase it for……

  • It is a nice bike with more high-quality components than other bikes with the same price.
  • Brakes work pretty well. locking rear wheel out of the chute without a problem, MTB brakes are easier.
  • Carbon fork takes edge out of rough surfaces. It’s easy to ride with 120psi in 23mm tires on rough patches.
    ● The bike is super tight as you adjust and tighten things up.

Nashbar AL-1 Road Bike under 600 dollars

Road Bike under 600 dollars

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Nashbar AL1 Sora Road Bike...To save people who don’t want to empty their bank account to get into cycling, the Nashbar AL-1 aluminum Road Bike was born with great features,such as improved Shimano Sora 3400 27-speed drivetrain, Dual-pivot brakes and lightweight sturdy aluminum frame . So for anyone who want a comfortable carbon fork and solid Shimano components to get out on the road and happily enjoy a ride without taking out a second mortgage on the house, i recommend this.

Customers purchase it for……

  • it’s comfortable and efficient and able to got plenty of gears for hilly rides.
  • plenty of gears to blast up and over the local climbs
  • Dual-pivot brakes give reliable stopping power
  • Sturdy alloy wheelset stands up to rough roads and regular riding.

SE Bikes Royal 14-Speed Road Bicycle

Most riders thought the SE Bike is the best teacher to lead newbie to the world of road bikes with the lightweight stable aluminum chassis of Royale 14. It features an alloy road fork and  coupled with Shimano shifting which allows users to find a gear for every occasion whatever they’re competing in a local race or on a solo fitness ride. This bicycle with Alloy road caliper braker and Shimano A070, 14-speed shifter is absolutely the best affordable one.

Customers purchase it for……

  • beautiful and fashion design
  • low priced but good quality with some Shimano components
  • The shifters is smooth and murderous. And brakes is classic and effective

PK of Configurations for the best of the best

Technical details

In fact, frame, shifters, and brakes are the most significant configurations pf road bikes to determine their riding performance and using life.


The Aluminum Carbon frame of Vilano is more sturdy and lightweight than the alloy frame of SE and Nashbar, which let you master direction more easily.


The Vilano has Shimano STI Shifters with 24 speeds, which is less powerful than the Nashbar’s improved Shimano Sora 3400 27-speed. The SE only has  14-speed with Shimano A070.


The Vilano and the SE have the same breaker—– Alloy Caliper braker,  which are less powerful than the Dual-pivot brakes of the Nashbar,

General riding performance

Judged from above comparison, we find that the Nashbar can work better in general. And though its frame is less sturdy than the Vilano, the difference is small.


Actually, these top three bikes all cost more than 800 dollars in their own shopping websites, but are only priced under 600 dollars on There their price ranks from high to low like Nashbar> SE >Vilano.

Other price levels you may be interested in……

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