Riding is a superb way for everyone to explore a new place on your bike. Maybe you are fully  surrounded by many enthusiastic participants and supported by event staff,so I think you are required to buy a single speed bike but if you find it so hard to buy a good one.then I will recommend the Best Single Speed Road Bike Under 200/300/400 Dollars to you.

The best single road bikes are regard as the main bike which are able to ride through small street and muddy path.These bikes are an option for track-racing brake,and they will enter the urban commuter market. Their construction are consist of a competition-cross frame and  a good seat.whenever you get tired then you  can sit down and ride the single road bike . The

single speed road bike with great components to guarantee smooth riding is not expensive, you can choose any one in your budget.

Comparison Chart:Best single speed road bike Under 200/300/400 Dollars

To get more accurate information,we have compared many kinds of single speed road bike and made a comparison chart.It contains almost all the information that you need.you can make a choice according to it.In the meanwhile,you should check out it very often.

Suggestions for you to select a single speed road bike

What is your style of riding

Someone use their bike for for a long-distance riding and racing,while others use it for commuting to work.if you are a long-distance rider,you should choose a double compact crankset,however,if you are a craze worker,you could select a triple compact crankset.Your style of riding will make a great difference in your selecting.

What size frame do you need

It is essential for you to find a proper size frame and a suitable size will offer you both efficiency and comfortable feelings.On the contrary,the bike with a too small frame is inefficient and uncomfortable to ride.the bike with a too big frame is difficult for you to control.What’s worse is that you probably find it was not easy to reach ground and even the brake.So,the right size counts a lot.

Looking for some extras for your bike

To guarantee a smooth and safe riding,you are required to buy some extras.special helmet,shoes, and gloves been taken with the bike.you will find it such a sensible precaution when you meet changeable weather.

Best hybrid road bike under 200/500/1000 Dollars

#1 Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike under $200

Best Single Speed Road Bike Under 200/300/400 Dollars

What Customer Really think Of This Procduct

 This perfect bike is designed for smooth riding around small towns and on the beach boardwalk.With this kind of bike,you do not need to worry about rough asphalt and potholes for its Wanda tires.Its Sunrun freewheel,Well-Go pedals and Protek cranks give it many advantages over other kinds of bikes.It is also available in many kinds of size and colors that you can choose from for your option.


  • Brand name components:

Wanda Tires,Headset and Bottom Bracket, Wanda Tires, KMC Chain, Well-Go Pedals, KMC Chain,and Pro-Max Brakes.

  • durability:

It can be dependable for a long time and for next many years to come

  • good extras:

maintain tools you need to maintain your own bicycle.

  • best frame:

Flat Top Tube Bar-Spin Clearance, Horizontal Drop Outs, No Toe Overlap, and Horizontal Drop Outsand.

Reasons to buy

This bike is good tool to add much convenience and pleasure to your urban lifestyle.it was specially designed for these who want to lack of exercise and have little time to do it.This bike not only can save you much time when you workplace is far away from your home,but also help you shape a healthy figure.No matter whether you are a craze worker or not or maybe you are a sports fans.this bike will meet all your need.

Customer Reviews

On the whole,it was an awesome bike! its tires are of good quality even if you ride it on Rough roads for a long time,it still works pretty well.Its frame has no  no toe overlap and can bar spin.Besides,I am very pleased with its handlebars and it  makes my bars-pins really easy.I think I have bought what I need.


Any other budget single speed road bike under 200/300/400 Dollars?

#2  Pure Fix Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Fixie Road Bike under $300.

Best Single Speed Road Bike Under 200

What Customer Really think Of This Procduct

Customer Reviews

This bike is a great commuting bike and it can save me a lot of  time on the way to home.I have ride it for a year and there is no problem with it .I love it very much!

#3  Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike under $300

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike UNDER 500

What Customer Really think Of This Procduct

Customer Reviews

It is my first try to road riding and I feel very well. I have found that the brakes of it are  capable of stopping m every quickly.The soft seat offer me a comfortable riding experience.I always ride to work place and it bring me much convenience.


My Recommendation

If you like taking a risk or you are used to ride on muddy roads,you can consider a single speed bike under 200/300/400 dollars,it is suitable for special condition.In addition,there are many kinds of bikes for you to  choose from and they are worth of your attempt.

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