Guide: Finding Best Affordable Road Bike (Under $700/800/900)

Today,as manufacturers offer more bike models than ever, and bike component companies make various top-notch brakes, wheelsand switch systems that operatesseem never before, if you just walked into a bike store, you might don’t know how to make a choice. Don’t be worried about having a lot of choices, as long as you know what’s available, you’ll find a perfect bike. So we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you finding the ideal product for riding. We offer parameters of everything including frame materials, wheels, gearing and component as advice on your decisions.

Picks:Best Affordable Road Bike (Under $700/800/900)

Guide: Finding Best Affordable Road Bike

How to make choices

First, calculate how many miles you might ride the bike per week. Then, think about other things on the basis of yourself. Do you need the highest quality, or a reasonable quality and lower cost? Are you satisfied with high-tech gadgets or simpler designs? You should clearly know about how much you want to pay for it to make the selection process quicker. Giving Answers to these questions to us, you will be shown the models of the right features for your demand, budget and interests . Also, there being lots of variables of a modern road bike, read and compare them to ensure your final choice.

Aspects to consider on When choosing Road Bikes

Frame And Fork Materials

Steel, aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber are the four materials to make road bike frame. All these materials built the fine bicycles, andthe same material can constructed two frames.


Steel is the most traditional frame material. Its advantages are below:

  1. Many types of steel tubing are available.
  2. It is easy for the material to bend and shape.
  3. There are many methods of assembly to make steel to satisfy cyclists’ needs.
  4. It offers outstanding ride durability, quality,which is easily to be repaired and affordable.


Aluminum didn’t come into wide use until large-diameter tubing appeared and construction processes were wonderful. Now, the frame materials is the most populsrbecause it’s light, relatively inexpensive and nonrusting. New aluminum alloysimproved construction techniques like hydroforming solve its jarring ride problem.


Titanium is thought as one of the longestlightest, lastingand very expensive frame materials. Most people feel that titanium combines the wonderful characteristics compared with other frame materials. It is lighter than aluminum, as comfortable as steel. Besides, it has a cheerful ride and electric handling, and the frames feel “alive”.

※Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is special because it’s not a metal. It ismade of fabric impregnated with jaffaite. The resulting material usually can be turned into tubes with pressure and heat. Carbon fiberframes are extremely light, stiff and durable.

Wheels And Tires

A new road bike’s wheels include decent rims, spokes and hubs not too long ago. Although these wheels were reliable, they didn’t benefit to your new two-wheeler.Today, many road bikes’wheels are prettier, more aerodynamic, durable and light. These changes come out because when you cut wheel weight, you improve a bike’s acceleration, climbing and handling. On the road,cutting wheel weight makes you feel suddenly dropping 10 pounds of body weight.

Component Groups

A component group is typically made up of hubs, brakes,chain, cassette, crank,bottom bracket, derailleurs, crank,shifters, derailleursand headset. Also, many road bikes may equip with wheelsets. Some bicycle manufacturers even make or have made their own components.You can decide what to buy due to the price range you want and the features you like.


Make sure that the gearing is appropriate for your fitness level. All groups providea large amount of different gearing options. Besides, we can also alter things to satisfy all you needs. Gearing involves chainrings and cogs. How and where you ride decideshow many gears to get.

Cassette Considerations

Don’t forget about your rear cassette. Some commonly available sizes and their usage are listed: cassette 11-21, use for flat terrain; cassette 12-23, use for flat-to-rolling; cassette 12-25, use for flat-to-hilly; cassette 12-28, use for flat-to-mountains.

Shopping Guidelines

Decided what kind of road machine you want to get, it’s time for you toenter our store to do some experience. Here are some shopping guidelines:

※You’d better buy once. The less time you take, the less money you’ll spend.

※Proper fit is the first thing you should consider on.

※If a bike you want to buy has parts or features that don’t match their price, you can figure out if the pricewas cut,or ask us to explain the reasons.

※Firstchoose the features and components that satisfy you, then see the price.

※It’s possible to spend a little extra because you may buy some accessories, so prepare enough money.